Throwback to One Year Ago: When I was 39 weeks Pregnant, Bored, and Sassy

On this day last year, I was 4 days away from having a baby, already on maternity leave, trying to rest, slightly uncomfortable, bored out of my mind, and apparently a little sassy. In my boredom and sassiness, I decided to write down a few of my thoughts on the whole of my pregnancy. I planned to share them but never did. So what better way to commemorate that time in my life than by sharing all these thoughts a year later? Enjoy.

First of all, the answer to any pregnancy ailment is to drink lots of water & eat small meals throughout the day. Me: "I think I'm pregnant with an octopus, not a human" Doctor: "Drink lots of water & eat small meals throughout the day"

In the weakness of pregnancy, you find hidden strength. E.g. I can't bend down to pick things up anymore, but I've become an expert at picking things up with my toes.

Pregnancy is an important job, but like any job, it does 0 things to add to your value or personhood.

I really admire the bravery of those who take their lives into their own hands by making negative comments about what a pregnant woman is eating. Someone I barely know told me I shouldn't be drinking coffee. But she isn't around to say that anymore because I killed her.

There are a few things that I understand now that I never thought I would. E.g. ultrasound pics are awesome and not just a black and white picture of a uterus. ("HOLY CRAP! I made that giant blob with legs!").

There are, however, many things about the norms of pregnancy and babies that I will never understand. People: "Why don't like gender reveals, or baby showers, or bump pics, or month to month pictures of babies? or? or? or?" Me: "BECAUSE I GOT PREGNANT, I DIDN'T GET A NEW PERSONALITY!"

I hate the terms preggo, preggers, and "about to pop". Acceptable terms: pregnant, with child, great with child, knocked up, greatly knocked up, and pregsie wegsie.

95% of people have been overwhelmingly thoughtful & encouraging. Thank you, humanity! The other 5% have made me realize that people say hurtful things because they're hurting & insecure about pregnancy and parenting. I usually just get mad at people like this, but I pray that I'll see it as an opportunity to help heal wounds

Acceptable things to say about a pregnant woman's body: "You are beautiful." That's it.

The whole "once your baby is born everyone forgets about you and you don't matter anymore" thing is unfunny and terrible. Every human life has equal value before God. It's cool that babies get more attention, but if anyone ever made my mom feel like she was less valuable when I came along, watch out-I'm coming for you

Do babies use a lot of diapers? Do they inhibit sleep? Is labor difficult? These are the questions that everyone REFUSES to answer!

A few more unanswered questions: Will my life change, or will it more or less stay the same? Does the car seat have to be installed before they'll let you leave the hospital?

Also, does anyone happen to have any strong opinions on the book "Baby Wise"?